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Chapter-I: Java and It’s features

Posted by krishnamm on December 13, 2008


What is Java?

Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language.

What is meant by Object Orientation?

Object Orientation means, everything is object. confusing? The programming simulates into different objects to simplify the programming and avoid tight coupling.

Each object have some characterstics and some features.

Ex: take a person is a real-world object have some characterstics like name,designation etc…and some features like walk,read,eat etc…

got my point….like that..DOG,CAT etc are different objects.

Like this in JAVA we will deal everything with Objects.

How can we differentiate the Object Orientation Programming and Procedural Programming?

In procedural program ,programming logic follows certain procedures and the instructions are executed one after another.

In OOPs program,unit of program is object,which is nothing but combination of data and code.

In procedural program,data is exposed to the whole program where as in OOP’s program ,it is accesible within the object and which in turn assures the security of the  code.

Is there any other features in OOPs?

Yes, we have some features called Object Oriented Concepts.

  • Data Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

What is Data Encapsulation?

Encapsulation means, in simple terms, Putting all the data at one place.

Ex 1: The Medicine capsule have the main medicine powder capsuled in a sugar coated capsule box. Like that put all the elements under one palce called ‘Data Encapsulation’. we can learn more about this in next chapters.

Ex 2: Put all your books in one box.

What is Abstraction?

Abstraction is a kind of data hiding. “Showing essential data and hiding non-essential data”.

Ex: If you go to a jewellary shop and ask for pearls, the person will show you only pearls, put all the gold items in the show cases or in their respective places.

What is Inheritance?

Inheritance means, “Acquiring properties from super class”.

Ex: Acquiring land properties of your father to you….

What is Polymorphism?

the word itself says the definition. Poly-menas Many Morphism- forms.

It means multiple possible states for a single property.

Ex: Take a lady she is mother for 2 children and wife to her husband and she is teacher to her students. One person in different roles…this is called polymorphism.

We can get more info on OOPS concepts near in further chapters.


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